About Us: 
Early Bird Parenting offers a range of mommy groups, infant and toddler enrichment classes, and parenting workshops. We are committed to being your trusted parenting resource while providing guidance and support to help you confidently navigate parenthood.

At Early Bird Parenting you will find:

  • A qualified team of Parenting Group Facilitators passionately committed to providing skills, knowledge, and support
  • A nurturing, inclusive, and supportive environment for mom and baby
  • Infant/toddler toys and play structures that support and promote physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development
  • A clean and healthy space equipped with diaper changing stations, bottle warmers, and nursing chairs & pillows
  • A resource library ranging from conception to toddlers and everything in-between
  • Hands-on programs that engage both parents/caregivers and babies in unique learning experiences

Early Bird Parenting recognizes the importance of all parenting roles and family structures. We welcome all caregivers to participate in Infant and Toddler Enrichment Classes, but Mommy Groups are limited to mom and baby only. There is no additional cost for mothers of multiples.